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Q2, 2012 Report: HD Growth Across Verticals & Sporting Venues (PDF)

Since 2010, the number of HD ads distributed by advertisers to broadcast and cable media outlets has grown an impressive 150%. This edition focuses on the growth of HD ad adoption within five major verticals: Financial Services, Automotive, Entertainment, Retail and Political. HD ad trends related to sporting venues are also examined.

Q2 Edition Supplements:
Broadcast & Cable Media Outlets: Find out which HD format is used most often by broadcasters and cable outlets.

Production Studios: Learn which file type has pulled ahead to become the preferred format for content providers.

Q1, 2012 Report: HD Hispanic Advertising Trends (PDF)

Fifty million strong, Hispanics make up 16 percent of all TV viewers. With buying power projected to hit $1.5 trillion by 2015, how are advertisers and TV outlets responding to Hispanic audiences when it comes to HD advertising? This edition uncovers answers that are a bit surprising.

Q4, 2011 Report: HD Political Advertising Trends (PDF)

HD advertising has become an important factor for political campaigns this election year, with political marketers turning to HD advertising in record numbers. This edition analyzes three key factors that have led to a tenfold increase in HD ad adoption among political marketers since Q4 2010.

Q3, 2011 Report: HD Regional Trends (PDF)

Generally, regional TV advertisers distribute a significantly lower percentage of their advertising in HD than their national counterparts. The report provides a detailed analysis of several vertical segments, including auto dealerships and retail. In addition, this report presents an overview of HD adoption across local TV media and points out opportunities for regional advertisers.

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