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Catch up on some of the past media buzz about Extreme Reach:

Cross-Media Solutions To Bridge Our Multiscreen World

Our CMO Robert Haskitt sheds light on the industry shift to unify video advertising and embrace the “new TV.” (10/26/2012)

TV and Web Ads Becoming One

Extreme Reach CMO Robert Haskitt explains why TV and Web video commercials are fast becoming the same thing. (9/18/2012)

More Commercials Distributed in HD

In the Company Town column in the Los Angeles Times, Robert Haskitt of Extreme Reach says that more and more video ads are being shown in HD. (9/4/2012)

John Roland in Winning Campaigns: Why Politicals Lead in HD Adoption

Our CEO penned this thoughtful article on why political marketers are turning more and more to HD advertising. (8/14/2012)

Delivering Spots to Multiple Outlets Via the Cloud

Post Magazine's Randi Altman describes our cloud-based platform for delivering digital spots to multiple screens and media. (8/13/2012)

TV Ads: Out With the Old, In With HD

Marketing Daily details the upswing in HD advertising. Karl Greenberg evaluates the numbers and vertical markets showing the greatest acceptance. (8/13/2012)

Video Commercial Delivery in the Cloud

Wayne Friedman on Extreme Reach and our 7,000 video destinations. (7/2/2012) 

Hispanic-Targeted HD Ads Lag Behind General Market

Extreme Reach chimes in on the current state of Hispanic-aimed HD advertising in this article by David Goetzel in Media Daily News. (5/17/2012) 

Managing Online Video & TV with Talent & Rights Management

MediaPost's Daisy Whitney spoke with Extreme Reach CMO Robert Haskitt about managing online video and TV campaigns—including talent and rights. (5/7/2012) 

Extreme Reach CTO Dan Brackett Talks Video Technology at NAB

A video interview with our Chief Technology Officer, from the 2012 NAB show. It appears on SiliconAngle.TV's program, The Cube. (4/17/2012)

An Extreme Reach to Video Advertising

Extreme Reach CEO John Roland interviewed by the Boston Business Journal. (2/24/2012)

When Your VC Firm Winds Down: No Big Deal for Extreme Reach

Adventures in venture capital with Extreme Reach CEO John Roland, from Boston Business Journal.  (2/24/2012)

HD Ads Preferred by Political Advertisers

Extreme Reach talks about HD Political video ads in Media Daily News. (2/9/2012)

Extreme Reach Expands Into Talent Rights, Grows Web and Ad Serving

Chief Executive Officer John Roland was interviewed on video for (2/8/2012)

Extreme Reach Closes $9M Credit Facility with TD Bank

CFO Nancy Lazaros interviewed for Mass High Tech. (1/12/2012)

HD Usage Picking Up Steam

Advertisers and consumers alike adopting HD. consults Extreme Reach on latest news in HD usage. (12/6/2011)

Extreme Reach Experiences Extreme Growth

An article documenting our rapid growth, from the Wall Street Journal.  (10/24/2011)

HD Ad Volume Doubles

Advertising Age quotes Extreme Reach regarding HD ad growth. (7/19/2011)

Extreme Reach CMO on Digital Video Advertising

Our Chief Marketing Officer interviewed on (6/16/2011)

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