Audio Delivery

Reliable Digital Delivery in Your Format

Pure-digital delivery is easy for radio advertisers.

Extreme Reach has made millions of audio deliveries to radio stations across North America. Our cloud-based platform helps clients quickly and transparently execute ad campaigns, seamlessly connecting everyone in the advertising workflow: production studios, agencies, radio stations and just about everyone else.

Using the Extreme Reach platform is a snap for radio stations too.
  • Get your spots delivered in the exact format (i.e., MP2 or MP3) and bit rate (i.e., 320kB/s) you desire. Every time.
  • Use a reliable, private, secure network that automatically sends proof of delivery receipts back to your clients.
  • Enable multiple people within your radio station to receive traffic notifications.
  • Receive spots, music, syndicated programming and/or PSAs.
  • View real-time order information or listen to preview streams of the spots.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of spots automatically downloading at your station or, if you prefer, visit our secure website to download them yourself.
  • It’s free for radio stations!

And we back up our network and technology platform with exceptional service. When you have a question, we’re here for you.

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