Jamestown Associates delivers time-sensitive storm relief PSAs in the chaotic hours after Hurricane Sandy.

Jamestown Associates is one of the most successful political consulting firms in the U.S., with a 90% election win rate for its clients and over 30 Pollie Awards for outstanding achievement in campaign communications. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Jamestown Associates needed to distribute important and time-sensitive Public Service Announcements calling for aid to those affected while many stations were struggling to keep their hardware up and running. Patricia Sterpu, Media Buyer and Production Manager at Jamestown Associates, shares her experience with the agility a cloud-based commercial distribution platform provided when Hurricane Sandy affected traditional distribution methods.

On the importance of timely delivery

After any emergency, response time is a big factor and everyone involved needs to move quickly and efficiently; any time wasted could mean missing out on helping those who need it most. We needed to get these PSAs to stations as quickly as possible, but stations were dealing with storm damage too, and were just trying to keep their services running. We needed to contact the right people at the right time with clear instructions to make everything as streamlined as possible. Extreme Reach made it happen.

On the speed enabled by a nimble digital platform

The Extreme Reach platform is set up so that we could easily attach traffic instructions to our spot order with a simple click. It minimized any confusion between us and the stations, and it eliminated the need for redundant back-and-forth at a time when speed was essential for us. Our specifically-assigned service team at Extreme Reach handled our requests as quickly as we sent them and, due to the nature of these particular spots, did so pro bono to alleviate any financial restrictions on getting this message out.

On the reliability a digital platform promises

Jamestown Associates hasn’t needed to use any other vendor for over a year now. We know with Extreme Reach that if the stations are up and running, the spots will be delivered with no trouble. There isn’t even a question for us: we use Extreme Reach.

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“There isn’t even a question for us: we use Extreme Reach.”

– Patricia Sterpu
Media Buyer and Production Manager
Jamestown Associates