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One Platform for Video Advertising on Every Screen

Extreme Reach provides all the tools and services for advertisers and their agencies to centrally manage, deliver and measure video ad campaigns across every screen. With our recent acquisition of DG, we are happy to offer new specialized solutions for our clients:


    Our revolutionary cloud-based platform delivers 99.8% of clients’ TV ads digitally and streamlines workflows along the way. Our unique TV monitoring service measures TV campaigns just like online video too.


    Extreme Reach is an MRC-certified third-party ad server for online video. When you use us for TV too, online video workflows become scalable and campaigns become more efficient.


    Only the Extreme Reach platform connects business affairs to ad delivery across every screen. Manage contracts, talent payment, compliance and ad usage in an online job jacket.


    Only our Cross-Media Reporting Suite weaves your TV and online video data together into insightful Media, Creative and Market Reports. See impressions, reach, frequency, market and performance across screens.

  • MIJO

    Mijo provides comprehensive services to generate and deliver final broadcast and digital media to Canada’s Advertising, Entertainment and Broadcast industries.


    Treehouse is a state-of-the-art video post-production facility located in New York City, providing a complete suite of services tailored for the creation and delivery of Direct Response advertising. Please contact us for more information on this product.


    SourceEcreative is the leading advertising industry resource with detailed TV spot information including talent, directors, editors, composers, production teams and agencies of record.


    Pathfire enables content providers to digitally deliver media to broadcasters and stations, with a suite of specialized tape-free distribution services for news, syndication, video news feeds and advertising content.