Cross-Media Reporting

Discover new cross-media insights, and act on them—all in one place.

  • Real-Time TV Data

    Our Television Monitoring service pinpoints every occurrence of your TV commercials on 2,000+ channels across the country. This nifty piece of proprietary super-science is fully automated and helps bridge the gap between TV and online video data.

  • Online Ad Metrics

    As Extreme Reach serves video ads across publishers, we meticulously track dozens of campaign performance metrics, including IAB VAST and VPAID measures, viewability, viewer experience, awareness (and much more), and present the results in a variety of insightful, customizable reports.

  • TV+Online Analytics

    Only the Extreme Reach Cross-Media Reporting Suite can weave your TV and online video data into super insightful Media, Creative and Market Reports that show how live video campaigns perform across every screen together—it’s the true measure of today’s multi-screen video campaigns.

  • Track Performance

    Our unique, super-adaptive performance line plots any KPI for any campaign objective over basic cross-media metrics, like impressions. Select reach, clicks, social interaction, web conversions or dozens of other metrics as
    your standard for cross-screen success.

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  • Data Integration

    Our video performance tracking is fully customizable. If your KPIs are tracked by third-party or internal solutions, our integration experts can plug custom data of any stripe into our platform for a more centralized, insightful view into your multi-screen video campaigns.

  • Multi-Screen Optimization

    Our Cross-Media Reports provide actionable metrics and our integrated tools make it easy to act on those insights. From one platform, you can immediately rotate, swap, pull or update video creative across every screen.