1. Every screen. One suite of reports.

    Measure and optimize TV and online media, creative and local campaigns together with insights you can act on while your multi-screen campaigns are live.

  2. See how your TV and online advertising work together to drive campaign results.

    Measure TV and online campaigns together in near-real-time

    Track multiple campaign performance metrics alongside cross-media impressions, reach, frequency, rotation and more.

  3. The innovation behind the insights.

    See every piece of your campaign's puzzle with insightful visual reports

    We automatically blend troves of rich proprietary data into visual reports that are more comprehensive, accurate and insightful than any other reporting solution.

  4. Bringing TV and Web together
    is what sets us apart.

    It’s the only true measure of video advertising.
    Watch the video. Learn more. Want to take a closer look? Contact us.