• Uploaders

    We're directly connected to 3,000+ post houses/uploaders. Our platform tools can automate uploads of your video masters and we automatically perform a rigorous QC inspection on every file to ensure pristine quality. We'll also send instant reports that eliminate any errors--or delays.

  • Production Services

    Whether your video creative is bound for TV, Digital or both, we provide in-house encoding, tagging, duplication and more. Our nationwide network of wholly-owned production facilities can quickly add any finishing touch. And we offer physical asset storage too. if pure-digital delivery isn't enough.

  • Creative Library

    Your advertising assets are securely stored, organized and accessible to share with any colleague--in TV or Digital--whom you provide access. Pull key data like ISCI/Ad-ID, usage rights, talent contracts and more. You can preview ads in standard formats, guarantee they're center-cut safe and more.

  • Traffic and Delivery

    Deliver, rotate, swap or pull creative across every TV outlet destination in minutes.. Your ads are delivered digitally as pristine masters in each broadcaster’s preferred format to save time and maintain quality. Our experts can help with network clearance, too.

  • Realtime TV Monitoring

    Use our proprietary TV Monitoring System to detect national TV and local spot occurrences automatically and in realtime. You’ll know where and when ads are running with simple, elegant reports. For maximum impact, track TV and Digital campaign metrics together.

  • Convergence

    The industry already knows we offer the world’s #1 TV Ad Platform. When you converge TV and Digital campaigns on our platform, we help you streamline workflows and unify campaign insights. You'll have the insight and instant ability to adjust your creative while it's live across both screens.