Extreme Reach delivers your ads more reliably, faster and always looking their best. How do we fit all of that goodness into one superlative package? It’s simple: we combine the no. 1 video ad platform, the world’s largest video ad delivery network and the industry’s best Client Service team. Here’s a bit more detail on how this little combo works:

Largest digital ad delivery network

Anywhere there’s video advertising, Extreme Reach can deliver. Whether your ads will be seen on HDTVs or ginormous jumbotrons, we’ve got you covered. Our network connects you to all of the major North American broadcast and cable networks, nearly every local TV outlet and a vast array of sports venues and out-of-home media.

More reliable

Extreme Reach eliminates the common points of failure of hardware-centric satellite distribution solutions. Using the flexibility, redundancy and scalability of the cloud, we’re able to ensure 100% uptime with limitless advertising capacity.


Yep, it’s true that pure-digital ad delivery takes minutes instead of hours or days, but there’s a lot more to our super speed superpower than our cloud story. Our advanced approach eliminates detours, tape conversions, couriers and last-second issues. The Extreme Reach platform automates steps, eliminates errors and increases efficiencies.

Highest quality

When your ad is uploaded to the Extreme Reach platform, it’s automatically protected with a detailed, 22-point quality inspection that ensures your video meets super high-quality standards from start to finish. And when your ad gets delivered, it shows up ready to air in the exact format required so your commercial’s quality (and your sanity) can be maintained at every step.

Want more info? See how we compare head-to-head.

We can also help you with radio ad distribution, image and music licensing and rights management.

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Unify all of your video advertising on one platform. Watch the video.

News: Extreme Reach acquires Spotlight, Inc.
Now features network clearance and outsourced broadcast traffic services.

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