We've baked a complete creative management solution into our platform, so when an ad comes in, it’s automatically organized and added to a limitless, online Creative Library. The Extreme Reach Creative Library includes a powerful suite of tools to help you manage all of your ad creative. And, when you use Extreme Reach for video advertising, all of these capabilities are free of charge:

Icon flags - Commercials are labeled with icons that detail their exact makeup.

Proxy viewing - Flash proxy versions of ads can be played within the application UI or displayed full-screen.

Center-Cut Safe Viewer - Easily identify which parts of your video are title safe and action safe.

Closed captioning preview - See your closed captioning online just like your audience will see it on-screen.

Storage of all ad files - Keep all of your ad content together like talent contracts, scripts and banners.

Broadcast quality SD & HD masters - Access the highest possible quality SD and HD masters of your creative.

Key frame images - Three key frame images (slate, key frame and tag) are displayed along with the commercial metadata.

Download capability - Download the master or proxy versions of any spot directly to your desktop.

Send for review - Email creative, storyboards or single frames to colleagues.

QC reports: Details the results of every ad’s automated 22-point video quality inspection.

Storyboard: Automatically created upon upload, storyboards drill into the fine print on any frame.

Distribution history - Find out where each ad was trafficked—especially nice for talent reporting.

Document attachments - Attach and archive important documents with each commercial such as Scripts or Talent Reports.

Summary information - View key information, like: Brand, ISCI/Ad-ID, Status, Upload Date, Uploaded By, Title, Length and Size of each commercial.

iPhone app - View the ads in your library or check out the latest uploads from your favorite restaurant. Your world of video advertising is right smack in the palm of your hand.

Want more info? See how we compare head-to-head.

We can also help you with radio ad distribution, image and music licensing and rights management.

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