The Extreme Reach platform enables you to invite all of your advertising partners to join in. Adding people to your network works a lot like it does in LinkedIn, and, when they’re in, they’ve all got access to the information, tools and creative they need without any waiting for handoffs or questions.

Advertisers and agencies can manage ads and information, automate manual steps, execute campaigns, maintain control of the brand and integrate with other systems.

Production companies can upload and share new creative quickly right from the production desktop.

Other partners, like regional affiliates or franchisees, can easily access creative and participate in your campaigns too.

Media companies, whether TV networks or online publishers, can immediately get exactly what they need to flawlessly run your campaigns.

Want more info? See how we compare head-to-head.

We can also help you with radio ad distribution, image and music licensing and rights management.

Ready to move forward? Get started.

"This is amazing! I'm having so much fun. I've invited our post-house to partake and upload media, too."

— Kati Bumgardner, Director of Media & Research, Fletcher Rowley Inc.

Here's how it all comes together. Watch the video.

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