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General Resources

Rate Guides
Download file 2009 SAG/AFTRA Rate Book v11, (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Download file 2009-2012 AFM Commercial Announcements Agreement, Rate Guide, (PDF, 173 kB)
Download file 2012 Industrial Rules & Rates, (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Tax Forms
Download file I9, (PDF, 388 kB)
Download file W4, (PDF, 122 kB)
Download file W9, (PDF, 79 kB)
Wage Theft Prevention Act
Download file NYS WTPA TV Contract Addendum, (PDF, 79 kB)
Download file NYS WTPA Extras, (PDF, 70 kB)
Download file NYS WTPA Model Release Addendum, (PDF, 73 kB)
Download file NYS WTPA Radio Addendum, (PDF, 67 kB)
Download file NYS WTPA Generic Form, (PDF, 113 kB)
Download file California WTPA Form, (PDF, 106 kB)
Talent Contracts
Download file SAG TV Principal Contract, (PDF, 278 kB)
Download file SAG TV Extra Contract, (PDF, 238 kB)
Download file SAG Promo Contract, (PDF, 170 kB)
Download file SAG Industrial Contract, (PDF, 272 kB)
Download file AFTRA TV Principal Contract, (PDF, 281 kB)
Download file AFTRA TV Extra Contract, (PDF, 261 kB)
Download file AFTRA Promo Contract, (PDF, 186 kB)
Download file AFTRA Radio Contract, (PDF, 287 kB)
Download file AFTRA Industrial Contract, (PDF, 272 kB)
Download file Non-Union Extra Voucher, (PDF, 115 kB)
Talent Forms
Download file SAG-AFTRA Station 12 Form, (PDF, 529 kB)
Download file SAG-AFTRA Taft-Hartley Waiver Request, (PDF, 177 kB)
Download file SAG Exhibit D, (PDF, 325 kB)
Download file SAG Exhibit G, (PDF, 313 kB)
Download file Change of Address form, (PDF, 82 kB)
Working with Minors
Download file Minor Trust Form, (PDF, 95 kB)
Download file Minor Requirements, (PDF, 154 kB)
Download file CA State Minor Work Permit Application
Download file NY State Child Performer Permit Application, (PDF, 341 kB)
Download file Actors Federal Credit Union/Coogan Accounts
Download file On Location Education
Transfer of Rights Agreements
Download file SAG AFTRA TV Assumption Agreement, (PDF, 520 kB)
Download file AFTRA Radio Assumption Agreement, (PDF, 116 kB)
Download file AFM Assumption Agreement, (PDF, 145 kB)
Extreme Reach Report Forms
Download file Print Model Authorization Form, (PDF, 165 kB)
Download file Production/Completion Report, (PDF, 211 kB)
Download file Talent Advice, (PDF, 216 kB)
Download file Estimate Request, (PDF, 175 kB)
Download file Worker's Comp, 1st report of injury (PDF, 558 kB)
Download file Large Guarantee Authorization Form, (PDF, 227 kB)

Crew Resources
Download file Extreme Reach Time Card, (PDF, 168 kB)
Download file Combo I9/W4, (PDF, 147 kB)
Download file California WTPA Form, (PDF, 106 kB)
Download file Extreme Reach Direct Deposit Form, (PDF, 179 kB)
Download file Worker's Comp, 1st report of injury, (PDF, 558 kB)
Download file I9, (PDF, 388 kB)
Download file W4, (PDF, 122 kB)
Download file W9, (PDF, 79 kB)


Here are a few links to other resources for the advertising and broadcast industries.
Download file Adweek
Download file SAG
Download file AFTRA
Download file AFM
Download file ACTRA
Download file Actors' Equity
Download file UDA

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