Broadcast traffic can be hectic. We can help you manage one or all of the complex and time-consuming responsibilities involved in getting your commercials on the air. Our Traffic Team can be your Traffic Team.

Traffic management - Using your instructions for the media buy, we can coordinate the entire process of getting your commercials to their destinations. Our Traffic Group can coordinate traditional dubbing & shipping or digitally deliver of your commercials. We provide media destinations with clear instructions on flight times, commercial rotation, tape status, billboards, etc. We track proof of delivery, field questions from broadcasters, review all charges for accuracy, and a range of other tasks that require experts to get the job done right.

Network clearance services -We manage the detailed task of getting clearance from the networks. For instance, before you even present the concept to your client we can review scripts, storyboards or general concepts to discuss likely points of concern, and how they may be successfully addressed. At the storyboard/scripting stage, presentation to the networks is critical to maximizing your investment in production. You’ll need to know what aspects of your commercial may be challenged. At the last step in the process, submission of the final master, the networks require review and approval of the commercial before they will allow its broadcast. At this stage we confirm the commercial’s status with each of the broadcast networks.

Talent reporting - We report commercial usage to our Talent Payment Department, guaranteeing seamless, behind-the-scenes control over this process, eliminating reporting errors and penalties. If you prefer, we can also report commercial use for payment by another vendor.

Whether you want to distribute your video ads to TV, serve them online or add production services, we can help out.

We can also help you with radio ad distribution.

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