• The Escape Pod

    Executing a massive holiday campaign for one of the largest US retailers

    The Escape Pod, a Chicago-based ad agency, has steadily received accolades for their engaging and irreverent campaigns for accounts like Kraft Foods, OfficeMax and Toys“R”Us among others. Bob Sutter, Director of Accounts, and Theresa Wilson, Account Executive, explain why Extreme Reach was their first choice when taking on one of their biggest TV campaigns to date: Toys”R”Us for the 2012 winter holiday season.

    "Extreme Reach had remarkable flexibility and a constant we’ll make it happen attitude.'"

    – Theresa Wilson
    Account Executive
    The Escape Pod

  • Jamestown Associates

    Delivering time-sensitive PSAs in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

    Jamestown Associates is one of the most successful political consulting firms in the U.S., with a 90% election win rate for its clients and over 30 Pollie Awards. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Jamestown Associates needed to distribute important and time-sensitive Public Service Announcements calling for aid to those affected while many stations were struggling to keep their hardware up and running. Patricia Sterpu, Media Buyer and Production Manager at Jamestown Associates, shares her experience with the agility a cloud-based commercial distribution platform provided when Hurricane Sandy affected traditional distribution methods.

    “There isn’t even a question for us: we use Extreme Reach.”

    – Patricia Sterpu
    Media Buyer and Production Manager
    Jamestown Associates

  • Martin Agency

    Powering award-winning advertising with the Extreme Reach platform

    In 2010, AdWeek named The Martin Agency “U.S. Agency of the Year” and Advertising Age ranked it fourth in their Agency A-List. Based in Richmond, VA, The Martin Agency is an award-winning advertising agency representing well-known brands, including: GEICO, Hanes, Discover Card and Expedia. Debbie Douglas, Senior Broadcast Media Traffic Manager at The Martin Agency, shares her story transitioning to a cloud-based digital delivery platform.

    “Overall, the Extreme Reach platform is just cleaner, faster, and more reliable. It's so streamlined!”

    – Debbie Douglas
    Senior Broadcast Media Traffic Manager
    The Martin Agency

  • On Message Inc.

    Gaining an edge through speed and efficiency in political advertising

    On Message Inc., a leading political digital and media firm, is the agency-of-record for the National Republican Congressional Committee and represents multiple state governors, U.S. Senate and U.S. House members, and political organizations. Heather O’Donnell, Media Production Manager at OMI, shares her experience working with a cloud-based commercial distribution platform in the time-sensitive world of politics.

    "The speed of ad delivery is incredibly crucial to us, and Extreme Reach has been superb in the timeliness and efficiency of our political ad distribution."

    – Heather O’Donnell
    Media Production Manager
    OnMessage Inc.