Older advertising solutions tend to create a lot of unnecessary costs. Things that you’d expect to be included get pushed into the Extras column, and that doesn’t seem like such a great idea to us. Our model rights those wrongs and gives you more for less.

Lower HD rates

When clients switch from companies like DG FastChannel, they often see a 30% lower HD ad distribution rate. Now, your message can cost-effectively rise above the competition with greater impact in stunning HD.

View all your ads online, gratis

Access to a limitless, online Creative Library of all of your ads always comes standard. You’ll be able to find any ad with a simple search, review current ads in any standard format, download a master or proxy to your desktop and access a suite of powerful creative management tools.

The "extras" are included

The Extreme Reach platform is chock full of “extras” that come standard. And when you add them all up, they really… well, add up.

  • Store creative digitally long-term
  • Access all QC reports
  • Review comprehensive distribution history reports
  • View proxies in any format
  • Download SD & HD video masters
  • Share your creative, digital storyboards and key frames
  • Protect the integrity of your HD ads with Center-Cut Safe Viewer
  • Assign role-based permissions to unlimited users
  • Preview closed captioning
  • Access creative on the go with our iPhone app

Want more info? See how we compare head-to-head.

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