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Extreme Reach proudly introduces…
NEWS: On May 6th, Extreme Reach introduced real-time video advertising intelligence. Now our clients can understand the true impact of their video campaigns, including:

  • Media. Where ads are really running.
  • Audience. The demographics of the audience ads are reaching.
  • Effectiveness. How campaigns are influencing consumers.
  • Engagement. How audiences are interacting with ads.
  • Brand Safety. Whether ads are viewable and run where they were intended to.
  • Social. How campaigns impact brand sentiment across social media.
  • TV

    Our TV ad delivery service is the fastest, most reliable way to manage, deliver and measure television advertising. 99.8% of clients’ TV ads are delivered digitally across the world’s largest network.


    Only the Extreme Reach platform connects business affairs to ad delivery across every screen. Manage contracts, talent payment, compliance and actual ad creative in a fully integrated online job jacket.


    With over 6 million TV spots viewed each year, SourceEcreative is the advertising industry’s leading TV ad creative source. With millions of records, our online library features detailed ad information on talent, directors, editors, composers, production teams and agencies of record.


    Measure the true impact of your campaigns with unified, real-time metrics across all connected devices. Extreme Reach provides video ad intelligence that’s more actionable and insightful than any other solution.


    Our Direct Response team is the most experienced in the industry with over 30+ years of DR specialization. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced capabilities are tailored for the creation and delivery of Direct Response advertising.


    Our News & Syndication services enable content providers to digitally deliver video media to broadcasters and other video media outlets. Our solutions feature specialized tape-free distribution and advanced management services for news organizations, program syndicators and other short-/long-form video content providers.